Aligning business
purpose to social


Karp Randel identifies business-driven strategies that advance social change and are grounded in a client’s values and mission. Through close collaboration with internal and external teams, we develop customized programs that achieve maximum impact and meet the goals of our clients’ multiple constituencies, including customers, investors and employees.


Straight Contribution
To a favorite charity
or organization

Fund and collaborate on programs
that either resonate with company or reflect core business capabilities or write a check to your favorite charity

Employee Engagement
Prioritize integrating employee
action into social impact

Cause Marketing
Collaborate with a non-profit
organization for mutual benefit

Operational Change
Integrate socially responsible
practices into business operations
while maintaining or increasing ROI

Social Enterprise
Apply a business approach to
improve societal issues while
maximizing profits


The Uncertainty and Trauma of Family Detention

By Jane Randel In late February 2019, I toured two family immigration detention centers in South Texas—one for women and their children in Dilley and the other for men and their sons in Karnes City—with advocates from Human Rights First. As I met the families held...

Driving Change in the #MeToo Era

By Jane Randel Picture this: You’re a chief communications officer of a major Fortune 500 company on a business trip to Europe, in a room full of American and European colleagues, and upon making a strategic recommendation an American man turns to you and says: “Good...

What Should You Look for in a Social Impact Program?

10 Principles of Social Impact There are no hard and fast rules for success, but using examples of great, public case studies the 10 Principles of Social Impact listed below provide a guide as you look to build or assess your own program.   1. It should be...