Our Mission


Karp Randel is committed to creating business-driven strategies and programs for corporations, foundations and individuals that advance social change.



Our goal is to align corporate interests with social issues in ways that solve problems and meet corporate objectives. Our process centers on creative approaches and collaborations both inside and outside an organization.

Inside: By listening to those who know and understand the specific goals and challenges of the business and by working collaboratively to identify opportunities, solve problems and achieve the desired goals.

Outside: By creating partnerships in the public and/or non-profit sector to develop innovative approaches to advance social change using the extensive networks and relationships we have developed in multiple spheres.

We help organizations see the big picture and develop concrete steps to solve problems and achieve social impact.


Philanthropy has changed dramatically in recent years – not just in terms of the machinery of giving, but also its purpose, context and impact. Supporting good causes remains critical, but ensuring that support is impactful is paramount.

We work with philanthropists (and their key influencers) to identify goals and establish personal and meaningful strategies consistent with budgetary constraints and risk appetites. We consider multiple modes of philanthropy, including collaboration among public, private and/or governmental entities to realize the most impactful and enduring results.