What Helped Keep Us Sane

Control. A lot of people’s “hobbies” seem to have as much to do with being able to establish control within the chaos as they do the activity itself. Whether improving your surroundings, cooking up a storm, focusing on nutrition, or finding a new interest, along with the things that compel us to dabble like curiosity, satisfaction, and accomplishment comes joy — something that was not easy to find in the recent past.

President Roosevelt on her millstone.
Before and after Clarkson’s work.
Brett’s garage after he was done cleaning.
Joanne’s beautifully latticed blueberry pie.
Super Smoothie: organic blueberries & strawberries, fresh organic spinach, apple cider gummies, natural turmeric w/ginger, golden flaxseed meal, chocolate flavored protein superfood, oat milk, alkaline water