What We Offer

Strategy & Execution

We create innovative programs that support the bottom line and effect positive social change.
  • Formulate and implement social impact programs, including education, training and communications
  • Integrate the management of social impact issues into the existing business infrastructure
  • Strike the appropriate balance between good business and good works

Risk Analysis

We help organizations maximize their good works while mitigating unintended consequences.
  • Anticipate and address issues that threaten reputational or franchise damage
  • Assist in institutional positioning
  • Advise on best practices

High-impact Partnerships

We build pragmatic collaborations that bring committed partners together around a shared goal.
  • Develop innovative collaborations among private, non-profit and public sector organizations
  • Build¬†relationships between entities that share values, including those that operate in very different spaces
  • Tap our extensive public/private¬†networks and relationships

Philanthropic Consulting

We apply our experience in philanthropy to help guide individuals and foundations towards high-impact giving.
  • Help clarify giving goals and maximize philanthropic impact

  • Advise on philanthropic opportunities, strategies, governance and affiliations, including vetting potential alliances